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Specialist Options

Defined Details offers a number of specialist options designed to make your vehicle stand out from the crowd. These options can be integrated into any of our paint correction services or done on an individual basis. All of these services can be fully customised to meet your requirements

Engine Clean & Protect Detail

​​To bring your engine to showcar condition, Defined Details carries out a full degrease, engine oil removal treatment followed by a steam cleanse and light chemical treatment to remove carbon deposits. Metals and plastics are polished and protected using a high temperature resistant wax. * Engine parts and electronics are fully covered to ensure maximum safety when carrying out this procedure.

Wheel Cleanse & Calliper Painting

Customize the look of your break callipers by choosing from a variety of unique colours available in high temperature resistant paint finishes. As part of this service we include the an ultra deep clean of your alloy wheels to remove every trace or browning and tar deposits inside and out before sealing them with a high temperature resistant wax.

Vehicle Badge & Decal Removal

Removing car badges and decals adds another level of individuality to your vehicle. Defined Details can carry out this process safely and remove any shadowing or fading of the paintwork which may be caused. Alternatively Defined Details can apply your own customized badges or decals to the bodywork or window areas using specialist measuring equipment and surface prep to ensure the strongest bond possible and a smudge free finish.

Interior Deep Clean & Surface Restoration

A deep cleansing process using wet extraction methods followed by a high temperature steam cleaning process to remove odours, bacteria and ingrained dirt from every surface. Once fully cleansed, leather, trim and plastics are conditioned and then colour enhanced using various non greasy, anti static dressings. This is the most in depth interior detail you will find online and one which has earned Defined Details the trust of both classic car enthusiasts and car clubs nationwide.


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