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If you ask anyone within the UK vehicle detailing scene about paint correction in Scotland or browse the many online detailing forums, there will be one name that is mentioned time and time again.

Gordon Muir of Defined Details, known as "Caledonia" on his profile has trained and lectured in the art of detailing and paint correction throughout the UK and offers several services to suit the individual needs of owners and their vehicles. 



This is Gordon's introductory service however one that is no less dramatic in terms of the turnaround in which can be achieved by selecting this service. Over time the gloss and clarity of your paintwork will start to fade as contamination, oxidation and general wash marring begins to take hold and removes the "pearl" look we all love to see on a new car. No matter how many times a car is washed or hand polished, this layer will always be there unless removed in the correct manner. Using a 5 stage decontamination process, chemical and claybar treatment this layer can be removed. Gloss is then maximised by applying a light abrasive paint cleanser by machine then applying a highly durable sealant or wax to protect the finish.

​Time required 20+ hours to complete.

By choosing this service you are taking the next step up in terms of the finish which can be achieved to your vehicle's paintwork. This is also a chance for your car to experience what Gordon Muir is renowned for UK Wide, namely his rotary polishing skills. A single stage correction detail uses the same decontamination process as above to create a perfectly clean surface. After this a light correctional compound is used via a rotary polisher to remove light to medium swirl marks and create a near mirror finish. The paintwork is finally sealed with a premium wax which provides long lasting protection against the elements*
*For superior protection, a ceramic coating can be purchased as part of this detail at an additional cost.
Time required 30+ hours to complete.


This is Gordon's trademark service and what he is best known for in the industry. Multi stage paint correction involves several stages of machine polishing to safely remove as many defects as possible prior to "jewelling" the paint to an ultra reflective finish. On initial inspection of the vehicle, careful paint measurements will be made advising you of the limits to which this can be taken. This will ensure the safety of your paintwork over it's lifetime. As with all our other services, the paintwork will be protected using a premium wax or sealant recommended by Gordon himself however if you have a particular brand or product you prefer then this can also be accomodate.*

*For superior protection, a ceramic coating can be purchased as part of this detail at an additional cost.​


Time required 40+ hours.


Protection Detail, Machine polish, Paint Correction
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