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    Ceramic Coating & Long             Term Protection

Protecting your car has come a long way since the days of applying a wax over a freshly polished panel. Gordon Muir was one of the first Detailers in the UK to assist in the trial phases of ceramic coatings before they became mainstream within the industry. What makes these ceramic coatings so special is there ability to offer a level of durability unmatched in terms of chemical resistance and even protection against light scratching and wash marring. Having made the investment to have your car corrected it makes sense that its finish should be protected for as long as possible without having to worry about the need to constantly re-apply a sealant or wax when it begins to diminish.

For further information on any of these treatments you can contact Gordon on 07817 224 869 or email him at via the CONTACT PAGE

Polish Angel - Cosmic Glass Coating


✓ GLASSCOAT ™ | COSMIC, a milestone in the paint sealant world

✓ Very high durability

✓ Produces a distinctive, glass-like finish with a warm carnauba film

✓ Creates a pure, natural hydrophobic effect

✓ Unique surface smoothness

✓ Creates an enormous layer of hardness

✓ Produces a flawless, clean finish

Gyeon Q2 MOHS+ / Durabead - Ceramic Hydrophobic Coating

​The self-cleaning ability of the coating, if the Q2 Mohs Plus set is in use, is elevated to the highest level possible.

  • Market leading protection

  • Advanced protection from scratches & swirls

  • Guaranteed for 5 years by professional application

  • Adds significant layers of thickness & protection to clearcoats

  • Hydrophobic - water beads & rolls away removing contaminants

  • Resistant to wash chemicals with a pH range 2-11 (highly acidic - highly alkaline)

  • Protects against bird droppings, bug splatter, road salt and UV radiation

  • Enhances gloss, metallic flake & natural paint colour

Carpro CquartzPro & Finest Reserve- Ceramic Coating

- Next generation in automotive paint protection! 

- Guaranteed Protection 4 Plus years

- Extremely resistant to chemicals Ph range 2-11. 

- Extreme water repelling , Water contact angle 110°

- Anti-scratch , enhance surface hardness

- Light swirls filling properties , thick layer 2~3 Micron each

- Protects against Bird dropping, Bug residue, Road salt and UV.

- Enhanced Gloss and clarity, with easy cleaning. Guaranteed.

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