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Maintainance Options & Cosmetic Servicing

For car enthusiasts who like to keep their vehicles looking their best or for existing customers looking for a pre-detail maintainance plan, Defined Details offers several services designed to take the stress out of maintaining your vehicles finish.



After any car detailing treatment this service is recommended monthly or bi-monthly so as to prevent the build up of contaminents on the cars paintwork and alloy wheels whilst maintaining any wax protection. This includes a 3 stage safe exterior wash, tar spot removal finished with a wax / sealant coating​.


*Please note prior to carrying out this service a paint assesment will be carried out to advise whether the car will require a claybar treatment in which case a protection detail will be advised.

Defined Details Snowfoam
Alloy Wheel Cleaning
2 Bucket Car Detail Wash
Car Wax Top Up
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