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Defined-Details Scotland Ceramic Coatings
Defined-Details Scotland Ceramic Coatings


It takes years of practice and experience to become competent in the art of paint correction and detailing. Gordon Muir will happily admit that after detailing hundreds of vehicles, even he is still learning. New products, equipment and technology, coupled with car manufacturers tendancies to often change the composition of their paint and clearcoat systems means that the utmost care and attention is required before machine polishing any vehicle. The most important thing to remember is that no two cars are ever the same. For anyone looking to take on the challenge of detailing their own vehicle, Gordon provides one to one training giving owners the opportunity to correct their own cars within the Defined-Details studio in Glasgow. As a student you will be shown the basics in all aspects of washing, decontamination and cleansing prior to correcting one or more panels of your vehicle using pads and compounds specifically catered for your paintwork. After several panels have been completed and inspected by Gordon you can then carry on the same routine at your own home or garage safe in the knowledge that you have the been shown the correct products to use *​

To enquire regarding a one to one tuition class contact Gordon on 07817224869 or email using the above contact page

* Please note that this service is specifically catered for YOUR vehicle. Using the wrong pads or polishes on another car's paintwork is highly likely to result in permenant damage or even a re-spray being required. Defined-Details takes no responsibility for any damage caused to to any other vehicles worked upon by students after completing this course.

Defined-Details Scotland Paint Correction

Defined Details offer a paint correction service that is built upon one simple principle.; That we will never remove more paint than is necessary to achieve the desired results.​

Unfortunately Gordon knows all too well that many individuals and companies who claim to be "Detailers" do not abide by these rules. Many will simply attack a cars paint with an aggressive compound before finishing down using filler heavy polishes to give the illusion of a shine.

This will hide the paint defects for a short period of time before slowly wearing off leaving customers feeling short changed. At Defined Details we offer several paint correction options to suit every budget and will clearly explain the methods and techniques used to achieve the desired results.


Defined Details are one of only a handful of authorised detailers in the UK trained in the application of ​Polish Angel, Carpro C-Quartz & Finest Coatings, Gyeon self cleaning & Ceramic  coatings.

A ceramic coating is the best way of keeping a newly detailed car protected and unlike paste waxes, sealants, or so called dealership "paint protection" systems, a ceramic coating will protect against UV damage, oxidation, light scratching and forms a glass like armour shell which chemically bonds to your paintwork. Durability can be measured in years rather than months and washing the car is all the effort required to bring back that just detailed look. 

Further information regarding Ceramic Coatings Can be found in our Ceramic Coating section.

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